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The health and wellness benefits of hula hooping go far beyond toning the core? Sure, it's great for tightening those belly muscles, but that's only the beginning of what hoop dance has to offer! Here's what you can expect from Hoola-Fit... the only American Council on Exercise Approved hula hoop fitness program available!

  • Burn up to 600 calories per class

  • Elevate mood through play therapy

  • Increase cardiovascular endurance

  • Improve balance and coordination

  • Develop foundational hoop dance skills to promote flow

  • Increase back and spine flexibility

  • Tone muscles throughout the entire body

  • Massage and de-stress major organs, including the intestines

"What if I've never been able to hula hoop?"

If this is you, then you've come to the right place, my friend, and I've got a treat for you!

Give me 30 minutes of your time, and I'll have you waist hooping like a pro. Seriously.

Helping people reach their health and fitness goals is one of my favorite things to do, especially when it comes to hula hooping. Play is powerful! I also love turning "I can't." into "OMG! I can!" Sometimes, all we need is a little guidance to realize what we're capable of. I know you can do it! This is part of the reason why I'm offering my program at such an insanely low price (you'll have access to my full, ever-growing class library for a fraction of what my live students pay for a single class). Because hoop dance is a still-emerging art form, I'm on a mission to make it attainable and affordable for all. With Classes on Demand, you get EVERYTHING: Hoola-Fit Foundations Part 1 & 2, along with new classes added weekly.

Start today for only $10. Then, it's just $19.99 per month! 

Chances are, if you've been unsuccessful with hula hooping in the past, it's likely the hoop you were using didn't jive with your height and body type. For this program, you'll want a handcrafted hoop. Having the right size hoop is one of the most important things you can do, in terms of setting yourself up for success. 

Once you're squared away with the proper equipment (more on that here), you'll be good to go! Then, you'll be so focused on dancing and learning new moves that it'll feel more like play then exercise.

And to help you get started, I've got a freebie for you...

About the Instructor

  • Abby Albaum

    Hoola-Fit Creator

    Abby Albaum

    Abby is the founder of both Hoola-Fit and Hoola Monsters - Florida's first full service hoop dance company, which specializes in handmade fitness hoops, hoop dance classes and performances. A play professional and fitness pro for more than a decade, Abby's certifications include: ACE Youth Fitness Specialist, ACE Group Fitness, Kidding Around Yoga, Les Mills Body Combat, ACE Cardio Kickboxing, Coach by Color Indoor Cycling, and Hoola-Fit (of course). A hoop dance educator since 2007, Abby has taught the art form to thousands of people of all ages. She's also spent years developing, testing and implementing her training programs. Her mission is to inspire and empower hoop dance teachers, in an effort to make hooping accessible worldwide. Prior to beginning her hoop business ventures, Abby worked as a public relations executive in New York City. In 2012, she created, wrote and starred in the children's hoop dance adventure & instructional DVD, "Molly and the Hoola Monsters." Abby's Hoola Monsters performance resume includes MLB, the NFL, ESPN, Cirque Du Soleil, and NBC’s America’s Got Talent. She has traveled the country teaching workshops and performing and has been featured as a hoop dance expert in media outlets such as BuzzFeed, First for Women Magazine, Better Homes & Garden Magazine, the Washington Post and NBC’s nationally syndicated show, Daytime to name a few.

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Course curriculum

  • 1
    Before Starting This Program...
    • Here's What You Need to Know:
  • 2
    Beginner Class for Mind/Body Tampa
    • New to Hoop Dance? Start Here:
  • 3
    Hoola-Fit Foundations Part 1
    • Waist Hooping & Body Pass Workout
    • Figure 8 & Jumps Workout
    • Hand Spins & Outflow Workout
    • Lifts Workout
  • 4
    Hoola-Fit Foundations Part 2
    • Isolations Workout
    • Leg Hooping Workout
    • Shoulder Hooping Workout
    • Vortex Workout
  • 5
    HIT Hooping Class
    • HIT Hooping Class
  • 6
    Intermediate Trick-Based Classes
    • Reverse Figure 8
    • Shoulder Rolls Class
    • Vertical Step Thru Class
    • Angles Workout
  • 7
    Interactive Zoom Classes
    • 45 Min Body Wrap Class
    • Angles & Barrel Rolls
    • Infinity Tosses
  • 8
    Shoulder Breaks & Paddles Class
    • Prerequisites
    • Breaks & Paddles Class
  • 9
    Dances Adapted for Hooping
    • Cha Cha Slide

Abby's Story on BuzzFeed

What My Students Are Saying

by Heather Kirkendall

I trained with Abby, and life has forever changed for me.

by Heather Kirkendall

I lost more than 100 pounds, and the program impacted my life so much that I worked to become a Hoola-Fit Master Trainer. I now teach Hoola-Fit for a living, and I'm a happier, healthier person as a result.
Leslie Schrack

Such a great workout

Leslie Schrack

I had a fantastic time at Abby's Hoola-Fit class! It was such a great workout and I got some new tricks to work on. Cannot wait to go again!!! Abby was just so wonderful, nice and I completely loved this!!!!
Bradd Baldwin

Everyone can hoop dance

Bradd Baldwin

Abby's hooping classes are fantastic. I highly recommend them. Her classes accommodate everyone from people who have never hooped to advanced hooper. She teaches for all levels by including basic, intermediate and advanced variations so everyone in the class can feel success but still be challenged. My hooping and enjoyment of hooping is so much better as a result of Abby's Hoola-Fit classes.
Jennifer Carleton

I love Hoola-Fit!

Jennifer Carleton

Awesome motivation for healthy play! I hoop with my daughter and we both love Abby's teaching style and classes.